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Richard Tan

Energy Engineer


Richard is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a certified Engineer in Training.

Previously, Richard worked as a Product Engineer for an engineering and manufacturing company that produced pressure switches and sensors, electrical controls, and valve and line components for the HVAC/refrigeration and industrial markets. He was responsible for managing global customer return authorizations and failure analysis on returned products and provided technical product support to customers, sales and operations departments.

Richard also has extensive experience as an energy auditor. He worked for several years with the Arkansas Industrial Energy Clearinghouse completing audits for industrial and manufacturing facilities. As a part of these energy audits, he gathered and analyzed the energy usage data of building operations, manufacturing processes and equipment operations (lighting, HVAC systems, motors, boiler and steam systems, compressed air systems, process heating and cooling).

Current responsibilities as a project manager include supporting the Energy Services division on LEED documentation, buidling energy modeling, and building energy assessments.

Area of expertise includes industrial energy audits, energy savings analysis, and building energy modeling.

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