Since its founding in 1970, Earth Day has inspired millions of people worldwide to get involved and realize the importance of creating environmental change and investing in our planet.

To celebrate this year, we’ve compiled a list of a few easy ways to get involved this Earth Day and start living a more sustainable life:

  • Make your next meal plant-based
  • Donate your unwanted clothes to fight fast fashion
  • Try shopping at secondhand or thrift stores
  • Join a local community clean up
  • Attend a local tree planting event
  • Try to phase out single-use plastics from your everyday use
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
  • Commute by bicycle or electric vehicle
  • Support your local farmer’s market
  • Replace your lightbulbs with energy-efficient ones


To find an Earth Day celebration near you, click the following link: Earth Day Events