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Central Arkansas Library Systems Reduce Energy Waste

The Central Arkansas Library System consists of over 424,900 square feet of facilities spread across a variety of locations including library branches,
maintenance facilities, and a theater.
Upon investigation, it was revealed that there were several opportunities to reduce energy waste in many areas: inefficient lighting, manual thermostats, dated HVAC equipment, and high-flow water fixtures. The financial impact of these measures, when bundled together in a single project, was significant: over $3.7 million in lifetime savings to the Central Arkansas Library System.
Upon approving the Entegrity project in November 2018, funding for the project was secured and implementation began in March of 2019. Entegrity conducted work and implemented multiple energy saving strategies in 18 Central Arkansas Library System locations, upgrading over 5,600 lamps, fixtures, and controls and 95 faucets. HVAC equipment was also updated and utility rate corrections were made at 5 of the CALS locations.