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The Road to Net Zero: Arc Performance Score

Entegrity is excited to be working with the new Arc platform for existing buildings! We are currently using Arc to track ongoing performance in sustainability for our own offices and our clients. This benchmarking platform allows users to measure building performance, make improvements, and benchmark against other facilities. Arc is free for schools, and LEED registered and certified buildings and inexpensive for projects simply looking to improve sustainability and human health. Organizations can then take steps toward earning LEED or another building certifications based on the foundation laid by the Arc platform. There are many programs offering a plethora of prescriptive building improvement strategies, but Arc is the scale that proves performance. In terms of cost and complexity, it falls between Energy Star Portfolio Manager and LEED for Existing Buildings, but can also integrate with both programs.

Arc calculates a performance score out of 100 possible points, based on a global data set and action-oriented strategies across five categories; Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation, and Human Experience.

Entegrity is currently working on a half-dozen Arc projects, including our own headquarters in Little Rock. Our headquarters building (on the Historic Register) is attempting to achieve Net-Zero Energy and LEED New Construction and Major Renovations Platinum certifications. Initial data based on our building’s performance over the last 10 months shows us at 69 out of 100 points. This equates to a LEEDv4 Operations and Maintenance: Existing Buildings, Gold level of certification. See our interactive Arc score here.

Our use of efficient lighting and mechanical systems, low-flow water fixtures, and recycling and composting practices have contributed to good performance scores in the energy, waste, and water categories. With our newly installed 50kw (155 module) rooftop solar array and enhanced strategies like occupant behavior incentives to reduce waste, we expect these scores to improve even more in the coming months.

Transportation and human experience are the areas with the most room for improvement. Our office location, although close to downtown, does not offer much flexibility in transportation options for those living further away. Through innovative transportation incentives, the use of bioremediation with indoor plants, and other strategies, we aim to improve in these areas.

Below is a detailed look at our existing building features contributing to our Arc score, as well as, potential strategies for improvement.

Is your building interested in pursuing a sustainability certification, maintaining performance, or reaching the next level of sustainability? Arc might be a good fit for you and is proving to be the most cost effective path to certification. For a 50,000 sq ft building or less, Entegrity’s fee for helping a building to achieve its Arc Performance Score is $5,000 (which includes the $1,200 registration fee). If the facility performs well, it can continue moving toward LEED certification through the Arc platform. If the building could be performing better, Entegrity will provide recommendations for improvements, like LED lighting retrofit, energy audit, retro-commissioning, etc. Join our ever growing Arc portfolio! Contact April Ambrose for further information or to discuss.