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The Road to Net-Zero: Glazing

Our new headquarters in Little Rock is complete and we are excited to share some of our experience with creating a Net-Zero home for our company.

Glazing represents a large percentage of the cooling load in buildings but can have a positive impact on heating loads in the winter months. Glazing can also provide beneficial natural light to reduce lighting energy use but can also contribute to glare and an uncomfortable workspace. Unfortunately this necessitates two types of glass; a tinted system that reduces solar heat gain and controls glare, and a un-tinted system that allows useful heat in the heating months and daylighting for building occupants. Enter View Dynamic Glass.

Dynamic glass can change tint (pictured below) based on the position of the sun, cloud cover, glass orientation, overhangs, etc. This allows our building to realize the benefits of great solar heat gain control while at the same time maximizing natural daylight and controlling glare.

Entegrity teamed with View to implement their dynamic glass system on all glazing included in the retrofit. “View is proud to be at the forefront of the movement to create delightful human experiences”, said Dr. Brandon Tinianov, VP, Business Development at View. “We are excited to see Entegrity adopting View Dynamic Glass to transform their occupant experience, and to help reach their goal of Net-Zero.”

The View system is a critical part of our plan to achieve Net-Zero and create a comfortable and productive workplace. Special thanks to our local installation partners, ACE Glass.

More to come on our road to Net-Zero in future building updates.