Net Zero, No Problem: Fayetteville, Arkansas to House First Net Zero Mixed Use Building

Fayetteville, Arkansas — Following on the heels of their Little Rock office, the first LEED Net Zero Certified building in the United States, Entegrity impresses again with a new mixed use office and apartment building in Fayetteville.  This summer, the Network building will become the new home of the Entegrity Fayetteville office and 28 luxury apartments.

The Network building is a culmination of over two years of planning by developers Matt Bell, Chris Ladner, and John Coleman. Matt and Chris, owners of Entegrity, along with John, Entegrity’s regional director, set their sights high to achieve the lowest energy use possible: net zero energy. By leveraging the Entegrity team’s sustainability and energy expertise, the Network building is set to achieve the lofty goal of attaining net zero energy use while keeping rent and development cost at a market rate, reducing the building energy demand.

The Network building is a case study in integrated sustainable design and construction. First costs are reduced starting with project design by right sizing mechanical systems and reducing building energy. With these improvements, 100% of the building’s energy needs can be supplied with renewable energy without sacrificing amenities, comfort, or quality.  

“We knew from the outset that the recent advances in renewable and sustainable energy technology would allow us to build a smart building that would achieve net zero energy.  The challenge was doing so while still being cost effective, and this project proves that today you can,” said Matt Bell, co-owner of Entegrity and the Network building. 

Located on the corner of South School Avenue and West South Street across from the Fayetteville Public Library, the luxury net zero living experience in the heart of Fayetteville boasts of a long list of amenities and smart technology features. Recognizing the rapid adoption of electric cars, the Network building is equipped with six electric car charging stations to allow residents with electric vehicles to truly live a carbon neutral lifestyle. With ten-foot ceilings throughout, residents will experience incredible views of the Fayetteville skyline through the seven-foot Low-E windows that provide both natural daylight and increased occupant comfort. Smart technology features include keyless access, dimmable LED lighting, and HVAC controls that are enabled through the building’s free Wi-Fi platform and can all be controlled via smart phone. The HVAC systems are equipped with advanced ionization air filtration, providing residents with unmatched clean indoor air quality.   

Net zero certification could not be achieved without solar power, the cherry on top of the building. After detailed energy modeling, Entegrity was able to determine that 100% of the Network’s energy needs could be met with the installation of a 115-kilowatt solar array on the roof and south facing awnings. The solar array is net metered and connected to the grid, allowing it to send excess generation back to the grid during the day and draw power from the grid at night when the solar array is not producing electricity. Residents of the Network building are provided renewable electricity by the developer and are not required to set up any utility accounts for electricity, gas, or water.     “We have reached a tipping point with the combination of better technology and lower cost that allows building owners, developers, and businesses to achieve a true triple bottom line: people, profits, and the planet. When I founded Entegrity in 2007 our clients were paying a premium to meet their sustainability goals.  Today we are able to achieve sustainable goals without the surcharge by using integrated design techniques,” said Chris Ladner, co-owner of Entegrity and the Network building.

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