Viridian announces corporate name change to Entegrity

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – April, 24, 2017: Viridian, a nationally recognized leader in sustainability and energy consulting services for architects, contractors, and building owners, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to Entegrity. The change reflects the company’s growing commitment to the existing building market and its expertise in optimizing building performance.

“The name change to Entegrity reflects our dedication to energy efficiency with transparency and integrity for both the new construction and the existing building markets” said Matt Bell, Viridian partner. “As a company with a deep commitment to sustainability, we are expanding the focus of energy conservation to the existing building market – offering us a greater opportunity to impact the built environment.”

In addition to providing the services currently offered by Viridian, Entegrity will provide turn-key solutions for lighting upgrades, renewable energy installations, water conservation strategies, and comprehensive paid-from-savings energy efficiency upgrades.

“We are excited about the opportunity to serve a broader market and provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to meet their needs” said Chris Ladner, founding partner of Viridian. “I founded Viridian with the goal of optimizing the performance of existing buildings. The expansion of our services allows us to apply our expertise to a much larger audience and have a greater impact in the communities we serve.”

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