Dr. Bill Wheeler

Business Development Associate

Dr. Bill Wheeler was added to the Entegrity Partners team December 1, 2018. Having served as a school superintendent in Missouri for more than twenty years he was the right fit to help introduce our services and mission to the school districts in Missouri.

After graduating from Thayer High School, Bill attended Arkansas State University and earned a B.S.E., M.S.E. and Ed.S. degrees and earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Mississippi. Dr. Wheeler started his education career as a football and basketball coach, PE and mathematics teachers and later transitioned to an elementary school principal and high school principal before moving into the superintendent role.

Upon retiring from public schools in Missouri, Dr. Wheeler continued in the education arena by organizing off-campus Masters Degree programs for teachers. The convenience and quality of these programs has been a significant asset for both teachers and students.

His interest in the environment, and the increasing affordability of LED lighting, solar, and other renewable energies, sparked a renewed interest in being of service to schools. He emphasizes, “The numbers speak for themselves, and the savings are reoccurring each time a switch is turned on. In addition, solar is well on its way to being much more than affordable.”

Dr. Wheeler’s responsibilities include introducing Entegrity engineers and specialists to school superintendents and school facility managers, city administrators, university administrators, hospital facilities directors and county commissioners.

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