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Attala County School District

Attala County School District, committed to education since 1870 and currently serving over 1,000 Mississippi students, chose to take charge of their facilities’ energy consumption by partnering with Entegrity. Pursuing district goals to create optimal facilities while maintaining a sound financial fund balance, the District engaged Entegrity to create a comprehensive energy savings project. After performing a district-wide energy audit, Entegrity and the District collaborated to select energy conservation measures that impacted school savings and student comfort.  

The project’s district-wide HVAC upgrades, critical in improving facility operations, included an assortment of packaged, split, and mini-split systems. Measures consisted of 94 new HVAC systems, 54 tune-ups of existing mechanical systems, and 148 new Smart Thermostat Controls installed on new and existing HVAC equipment. The HVAC work was completed within six months from the start date, a quick turnaround for the extensive scope.  

The final scope includes LED lighting, water conservation, envelope improvements, and HVAC efforts. The upgrades, totaling over $1.7 million, were paid for by energy savings and will save the District an additional $90k annually.  

It has been a pleasure to work with Entegrity. They have been very professional throughout the entire process. Their quality of work and attention to detail is first class from start to finish. I highly recommend Entegrity for your project needs.

- Kyle Hammond, ACSD Superintendent

Project Details

Kosciusko, MS
Annual Savings:
LED Lighting, Water Conservation, Envelope Improvements, HVAC Upgrades

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