College Church of the Nazarene

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College Church of the Nazarene occupies a 217,000 square-foot complex in Olathe, KS. The church is heated and cooled predominantly by rooftop packaged units (RTUs), many of which were installed before 1980. With an annual energy spend of nearly $300,000, plus constant maintenance costs associated with HVAC repair, the CCN leadership decided it was time to act.

In October 2016, Entegrity was selected to implement an energy performance contract across the church’s facilities. Currently in the project development phase, Entegrity’s projected scope with CCN will include lighting upgrades, HVAC equipment replacement, water conservation improvements, and an update to the church’s existing Alerton BAS controls platform.

Entegrity will submit an Investment-Grade Audit (IGA) report to CCN leadership on January 23, and hopes to begin construction in late March.