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Farmington Public Schools

In 2021, Farmington School District partnered with the Arkansas Energy Office to implement an energy savings performance contract, wherein a state-approved company implements energy-efficient upgrades that pay for themselves. FSD chose Entegrity to audit their facilities and implement a tailored scope of work: LED lighting, water conservation measures, new HVAC equipment, HVAC tune-ups, controls upgrades, and emergency power generation. The District also chose to pursue solar, implementing three arrays that will help the district accomplish its goals to create savings for salary initiatives.

The project is guaranteed by Entegrity to produce savings of nearly $300,000 annually and more than $6 million over the project’s lifetime. Superintendent Jon Laffoon stated, “This project will bring positive outcomes to our school district and our community for decades to come. School Board President, Travis Warren added, “We look forward to hosting these arrays from a cost savings perspective and so our students can have first-hand experience with renewable energy, one of the fastest-growing occupations of the next decade.”

The project is funded by a variety of sources, including federal relief funds, investment tax credits, and a second lien bond. “All the credit goes to our board,” added Laffoon, “for moving forward on this project when we did. By staying agile and responsive throughout the pandemic, our school district was able to make wise use of one-time federal funds, create a safer school environment for staff and students by replacing aging HVAC units, and benefit from record-low interest rates and new state legislation.”

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Project Details

Farmington, AR
Annual Savings:
LED Lighting, Water Conservation, HVAC Replacements and Tune-Ups, Controls Upgrades

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