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Network Building

The Network Building is Entegrity’s own project in Fayetteville, Arkansas: a 27,000-square-foot, mixed-use building that houses offices for Entegrity staff on the ground floor as well as two floors of apartment units.  

Partnering with Robert Sharp Architect, Ecological Design Group, and HSA Engineering, we leveraged our in-house experts to design and implement an efficient facility that operates at net-zero energy. Our approach to net-zero is reduce then produce—reduce the energy consumption upfront, then produce renewable power for the smaller load.  

The Network Building’s 115-kW solar array, located on the roof and south-facing awnings, fulfills 100 percent of the facility’s energy needs. The array is connected to the grid and net-metered, sending excess produced energy back to the grid during the day and drawing power from the grid when the sun has set.  

The facility hosts an array of amenities and smart technology features: 

  • Utilities (electricity from solar, gas, water) included in rent 
  • 6 electric car charging stations   
  • 10-foot ceilings  
  • 7-foot, Low-E windows with views of the Fayetteville skyline 
  • Keyless access 
  • Mobile App for HVAC controls and dimmable LED lights  
  • Clean indoor air quality with advanced ionization air filtration 


Even with net-zero energy and abundant amenities, both the residential and commercial spaces meet market-rate rent. Chris Ladner, Partner of Entegrity, stated, “We have reached a tipping point with the combination of better technology and lower cost that allows building owners, developers, and businesses to achieve a true triple bottom line: people, profits, and the planet. When I founded Entegrity in 2007 our clients were paying a premium to meet their sustainability goals.  Today we are able to achieve sustainable goals without the surcharge by using integrated design techniques.” 

The Network Building was awarded the 2021 Construction & Developers Sustainability Award by the Chamber of Fayetteville and achieved Fitwel certification for the residential units with a 1 star rating.

Project Details

Fayetteville, AR
Square Footage:
27,000 SF
Net Zero Consulting, Turnkey Solar, Building Modeling, LED Lighting, Fundamental Commissioning, Enhanced Commissioning, Building Envelope Commissioning, Measurement & Verification, Indoor Air Quality Testing

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