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With Entegrity’s turnkey Solar & innovative Energy Storage solutions, public and private entities alike can reduce grid dependence, enjoy tax benefits, and realize operating budget freedom.

Harness the Power of Grid Independence with Renewable Solar Energy

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As the largest solar provider for end users in the region, Entegrity is committed to delivering affordable and intelligent solar solutions to meet the sustainable goals of our public and private customers. Our solar portfolio includes dozens of projects with public entities that realized savings through Entegrity’s cost-effectiveness and unique financing capabilities.

With recent cost reductions in manufacturing, installation, and equipment costs, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are more cost effective than ever before. An investment in solar can save millions of dollars in expenses over the life of the array and help hedge against electric utility cost inflation as the cost of electricity rises. Entegrity has optimized solar projects with a turnkey, five-step approach to solar project development:

  1. Engineering

    The solar design starts with a detailed site assessment, an analysis of solar panel placement options, and a review of historical electric consumption.

  2. Procurement

    Once the system is designed, our procurement team sources all system components directly from our network of approved vendors.

  3. Construction

    As a licensed electrical and general contractor, we can provide turn-key installation of our solar systems. Our crews are highly skilled and trained to efficiently install various solar system configurations with the highest quality of workmanship and safety.

  4. Financing

    Whether a tax-exempt municipal lease, capital lease, power purchase agreement, or a municipal bond, we will match your solar project with a finance mechanism that meets your needs.

  5. Operations

    We have an expert team to properly commission all systems upon project completion, continually monitor system performance, and operate and maintain to ensure the system performs at optimum capacity.



In addition to emergency backup, energy storage allows for more savings. Entities cannot afford their facilities to stop operating during a utility’s peak-rate hours. Avoid grid demand spikes with energy storage to lessen a substantial part of your electricity bill. Energy storage can even act as a buffer for excess capacity, allowing for a larger solar array and increased energy production.

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Guaranteed Zero

The energy experts at Entegrity work to increase building efficiency and offset remaining needs with renewable solar energy to achieve Net Zero Energy Buildings.

Featured Case Study


Cedar Ridge Schools and Midland School District became the first districts in the state of Arkansas to utilize co-located solar energy technology after entering into a solar services agreement (SSA) with Entegrity.


    Arkansas Department of Corrections

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