Entegrity specializes in the development, engineering, construction, and financing of high-quality solar projects. With the recent cost reductions in manufacturing, installation and equipment costs, solar photovoltaic (PV) are more cost effective than ever before. Entegrity is committed to delivering affordable and intelligent solar solutions to meet the sustainable goals of our education, municipal government and commercial customers.

Entegrity Optimized Solar Process

Entegrity's Solar PV systems have a 25-year power production warranty and an average lifespan of over 50 years. With the rising cost of electricity, a solar system investment can ensure against electric utility cost inflation while savings millions of dollars over the life of the system.

Entegrity optimizes solar system economic performance with a strategic approach to project development through five step Optimized Solar Process: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Financing and Operations.

  • Engineering: The solar system design starts with a detailed site assessment and an analysis of solar panel placement options and a review historical electric consumption. Our design engineers will design a system that is meets the unique features of each site and determine the most cost effective solution whether it is ground mount system, rooftop, or building integrated.
  • Procurement: Once the system is designed, our procurement team sources all system components direct from our network of manufacturers. Through our direct procurement and buying power leverage, we are able to significantly lower costs of solar system components such as panels, inverters, and mounting systems.
  • Construction: Our construction project management team provides detailed cost estimates and project scheduling to ensure all projects are on time and on budget. As a licensed electrical contractor, Entegrity is able to provide turn-key installation of our solar systems. Our crews are highly skilled and trained to efficiently install various solar system configurations with the highest quality of workmanship and safety.
  • Financing: As an energy performance contractor, Entegrity has developed multiple finance vehicles for both our private and public sector customers. Whether a tax-exempt municipal lease, capital lease, power purchase agreement, or a municipal bond, Entegrity will match your solar project with a finance mechanism that meets your needs.
  • Operations: Entegrity has an expert team to properly commission all systems upon project completion, continually monitor system performance, and operate and maintain to ensure the system performs at optimum capacity. Through remote connectivity our Measurement and Verification team can analyze production data in real time to verify performance in accordance with specifications.

ACE Glass

Entegrity's Solar Division Engineered, Procured, Mechanically Installed and Commissioned a 150kw groMore

$200,000 kwh
Square Footage
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