With nearly 350 sustainability projects to date, Entegrity is a nationally recognized leader in Sustainability Consulting for all types of projects from Fortune 100, warehouse/distribution to Class A office space, multi-family, schools, and airports. We provide prescriptive or performance-based sustainability certification options for single, prototyped, and volume facilities. Our goal is to identify and integrate viable sustainable design, construction, and operation strategies into new construction and existing building projects toward the goal of certification. We help organize, manage, and facilitate complex information across project teams to help ensure integrated design and operations leading to successful project outcomes.

While LEED certification is still the preeminent rating system in the industry, we also support the following rating systems:

  • USGBC/GBCI’s LEED® (all rating systems and versions, including Volume, Neighborhood, etc.)
  • Skoru’s ARC (Includes LEED Building Performance Score) - Check out our ARC score
  • ILBI’s Living Building Challenge, Petal, and Net Zero Energy
  • IWBI’s WELL Building Standard
  • GBI’s Green Globes and Guiding Principles
  • Enterprise Green Communities
  • Fitwel
  • International programs (BREEAM, EDGE, GRESB, etc.)
  • Industry programs (IREM, BOMA 360, etc.)
  • Local and regional compliance (TN HPBr, CA CHPS, etc.)
  • ENERGY STAR Certification
  • Center for Active Design’s Fitwell
  • Arc Skoru’s Parksmart

We can provide any level of consulting for any phase of a project including: full management/administration, feasibility studies, certification budgeting and strategy development, volume/prototype, federal compliance, eco-charrettes, team training, site impact, and involvement during design, construction, and/or operations phases. Our in-house teams can also provide necessary supporting services, such as building modeling, commissioning, building testing, etc.

Why Certify?

Building certification programs provide building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations, and maintenance solutions. Companies pursue LEED certification for a number of reasons including: realizing financial benefits (cost/energy/tax savings), improving the health and productivity of occupants, and positively impacting the environment. Whether it’s an existing building or new construction, we can help you determine the most efficient path to certification, with the greatest return on your investment. Green building certifications are often perceived as being expensive and time consuming, but they don’t have to be. By engaging Entegrity and our informed design teams early in your design process, we can tailor our approach to efficiently meet your financial and sustainability goals of increased building asset value, performance integrity, and marketable solutions.

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