TRAK Program for K-12 Schools


Entegrity has a track record of successfully implementing innovative facility design, construction, and operations programs for K-12 schools. Incorporating an educational element into these programs leads not only to greater building performance outcomes, but also deeper learning opportunities for the entire school community. Entegrity has developed a three-phase approach to using the school as a teaching tool. All phases are optional and can include marketing support, educational outcomes evaluations, and/or facility upgrades, as desired.

Phase I: Team Kick-Off

  • Select a Trak and Champions
  • Launch Trak Club/Team, first project, and commitment program

Phase II: Program Initiation

  • Easy, inexpensive, meaningful program
  • Led by students with mentor support

Phase III: Program Certification

  • Long-term, comprehensive program
  • Leads to a recognized Certification
  • Substantial measurable outcomes and cost savings

Regardless of your school’s size, goals, and budget, if you want to optimize your school’s performance, Entegrity has a solution for you!