ADC Investigating Energy Use

Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC) is continuing its efforts to reduce energy use at two of the state’s prisons. 

As one of the largest agencies in state government, ADC spends over $9 million annually on electric and natural gas bills. Although the department has reduced utility costs by over 20% since 2008, there remains significant potential for energy conservation and maintenance improvements across ADC’s 21 Arkansas facilities.

To move forward, ADC enrolled in the Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) program in the spring of 2016. Administered by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s Arkansas Energy Office (AEO), the AEPC program allows state agencies and other public entities to make comprehensive energy improvements to their facilities, using the project’s savings to repay the cost. This approach, known as energy performance contracting, is a popular tool for agencies due to its self-funding nature. No additional appropriations will be required if ADC elects to move forward with a project.

Following a competitive selection process conducted per AEPC guidelines, ADC selected Entegrity Energy Partners, LLC of Little Rock as their energy services provider for the project. Entegrity and ADC have entered into a project development contract through February 2017, when Entegrity will deliver a report of its findings to ADC. Following submission of the report, ADC and the Board of Corrections will decide whether or not to implement Entegrity’s recommendations.

“We are excited to have been selected as ADC’s partner for this project,” said Rob Guthrie, Director of Business Development for Entegrity. “As a local company, it is especially exciting to partner with one of our state’s largest agencies to save tax dollars and conserve natural resources. This is a win-win program for the state and the public, and we commend ADC for taking the initiative to move forward.”
The two facilities selected for the AEPC project are East Arkansas Regional Unit (Brickeys, AR) and Delta Unit (Dermott, AR). Combined, these prisons total nearly 700,000 square feet, house over 2,300 inmates, and use over $2 million of natural gas, electricity, and water each year.

”We share Entegrity’s excitement about participating in the Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting program,” said Wendy Kelley, ADC Director. “Since 2008, staff have worked to improve our facilities, as well as implement policies and practices that have led to a reduction in our energy consumption and utility costs. The AEPC will continue our energy conservation efforts and position us to avoid an increasing financial burden and reduce maintenance costs.”

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