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Manage risk and meet corporate ESG goals while reducing your energy expenses. Entegrity is able to do this by working with private entities to reduce their energy consumption, manage their energy demand, and produce their own solar energy. We’ve become the trusted partners for Fortune 500s and national brands that have brought us into their facilities in over 40 states.


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Energy Efficiency Improvements for Profit Margin Improvements

Entegrity’s comprehensive services connect the dots between industry regulated responsibilities, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and profitability for commercial and industrial customers.

Beyond the significant long-term energy and operational savings potential, the near-term advantages of a comprehensive energy services plan complete with innovative project financing, utility rebate options, tax strategy, and brand agnostic procurement can improve the bottom line without having to grow revenue.


Sustainability as a Brand Competitive Advantage

Separate from the competition with a commitment to reducing your company’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.


Building modeling is an essential tool in building design, especially when the objective is to generate a Net Zero Energy plan. In this Expert Insight, we explore the challenges, variable factors and calculations, and the effective strategies that may be employed.

    A Closer Look at Entegrity’s American Red Cross Project

    With Entegrity’s hassle-free energy audits and client-specific LED lighting strategies, the American Red Cross has saved 2,497,254 kWh hours across nine locations, equating to over $230,000 in utility savings and over 4 million lbs in carbon reduction.

    Commercial & Industrial Entegrity Projects

    Eco Modern Flats

    Nike-TN North America-Logistics Center and Logistics Center Office

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