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Entegrity is an energy services, sustainability, and solar development company specializing in the implementation of energy conservation and renewable energy projects.

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Entegrity is uniquely qualified to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to optimize building performance.

We help our clients realize long-term operational savings by focusing on all their needs: selecting the most cost-effective scope, contract structure, and financing strategy available to them.

Our comprehensive service package includes:

Energy Efficiency Improvements | Solar Energy | Energy Storage  | Lighting Solutions | Water Conservation | Commissioning | Energy Modeling | Energy Assessments | Building Testing | Sustainability Consulting |  Innovative Financial Measures

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The latest project announcements, company updates, and general news from Entegrity.


White Hall, Ark. – Stone Bank is moving away from traditional methods of energy consumption and towards a more sustainable solution to fuel its operations: solar energy. Representatives of the bank gathered with the community today at a “Flip the Switch” event, celebrating the interconnection of their 219-kW solar electric power generation plant.

Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority Saves with Solar

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 – The Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority (LRWRA) has turned to an unlikely source to generate savings — the sun. On April 12th, utility officials “flipped the switch” for its new solar array, which will save LRWRA $100,000 in energy costs annually. This addition to LRWRA’s operations comes amid a 20-year capital improvement plan to increase wastewater treatment capacity, update antiquated portions of the piping system, and provide service to areas not connected to the system.

El Dorado School District Set to Save $3 Million with Solar 

El Dorado, Arkansas – El Dorado School District (ESD) School Board and faculty members gathered to celebrate and “Flip the Switch” on the District’s newly constructed 1.75 MW-AC solar array. The project will offset 88% of the District’s energy usage and expenses, saving ESD over $128,000 annually in energy costs.  ESD entered into a Solar Services Agreement (SSA) with Entegrity, an energy efficiency and solar company headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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