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Entegrity’s team of certified energy professionals offers innovative, product-agnostic energy solutions that range from building modeling to testing and commissioning.

Your Partner In Energy Efficiency. Your Guide to Measurable Energy Savings.

Energy Engineering With Entegrity

With hundreds of projects under our belt, Entegrity is a nationally recognized leader in Energy Consulting. We can work with you to improve the performance of your facilities at any stage including during conceptual phases, during design, during construction, and post-construction.


Whether it’s a new or existing facility, our team of engineers can optimize to find energy savings that will result in the lowest lifecycle costs for you as you operate the facility for many years into the future.

Our comprehensive package includes:

New Building Commissioning | Retro-Commissioning | Building Envelope Commissioning | Energy Audits | Energy Modeling
Measurement & Verification | Indoor Air Quality Testing | Infrared Thermal Imaging | Smoke Tracer Diagnostics | Water Intrusion Testing | Air Barrier Testing

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Energy Engineering

Investment Grade Audit (IGA) The scope of our energy audits are consistent with ASHRAE Level III standards, and includes compilation of field data, engineering analysis, life-cycle costing, and energy modeling to calculate the project’s anticipated savings as accurately as possible.

Cx Services

As the built environment is increasingly complex and energy efficiency is at a higher standard, building equipment and systems are responding to these changes. Owning and operating this equipment requires a significant financial investment, and poor performance can result in money lost, excessive repair and replacement costs.

Building Testing
Envelope Air Leakage Testing

Entegrity can assist your design team in implementing an air barrier system that will enhance the performance of your building and the comfort of its occupants.

Building Modeling

A building energy model is a simulation based on building design, envelope, orientation, weather, schedules, controls, and energy-using systems to project comparative energy consumption and costs.

Featured Case Study


Building modeling is an essential tool in building design, especially when aiming for a Net Zero Energy building, like the building pictured above that houses a corporate client. Entegrity was employed for building modeling services to ensure their building would be able to obtain their goal of reaching Net Zero Energy.


    University of Arkansas Founders Hall

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    Every client and every facility is unique. Contact us and we will put you in touch with our appropriate subject matter expert to discuss the appropriate scope, contract structure, and financing strategy for your facility needs.