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Entegrity’s team of certified energy professionals offers innovative, product-agnostic energy solutions that range from building modeling to testing and commissioning.

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Energy Services With Entegrity

With hundreds of projects under our belt, Entegrity is a nationally recognized leader in Energy Consulting. We can work with you to improve the performance of your facilities at any stage including during conceptual phases, during design, during construction, and post-construction.


Whether it’s a new or existing facility, our team of engineers can optimize to find energy savings that will result in the lowest lifecycle costs for you as you operate the facility for many years into the future.

Our comprehensive package includes:

New Building Commissioning | Retro-Commissioning | Building Envelope Commissioning | Energy Audits | Energy Modeling
Measurement & Verification | Indoor Air Quality Testing | Infrared Thermal Imaging | Smoke Tracer Diagnostics | Water Intrusion Testing | Air Barrier Testing

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Utility Analysis

Entegrity’s energy engineering team uses benchmarking to provide recommendations for reducing a facility’s energy cost and consumption waste.

Measurement & Verification

Entegrity engineers evaluate where and how energy is used, provide recommendations to improve performance, and highlight potential maintenance concerns.

Energy Assessments

Our engineers tailor energy audits to meet the needs of each project ranging from simple walk-throughs with a high-level energy analysis to investment grade audits.


From new building to existing building, ongoing, and building enclosure commissioning, Entegrity provides high quality commissioning services tailored to each project’s needs.

Building Modeling

Our team utilizes the most advanced building modeling software to prioritize energy efficiency measures by first cost, rate of return, and environmental impact.

Building Diagnostics

Entegrity’s Building Diagnostics team can provide envelope air leakage testing, indoor air quality testing, IR thermography, and water intrusion testing for your building.

Featured Case Study


Building modeling is an essential tool in building design, especially when aiming for a Net Zero Energy building, like the building pictured above that houses a corporate client. Entegrity was employed for building modeling services to ensure their building would be able to obtain their goal of reaching Net Zero Energy.


Central Arkansas Library Systems (CALS)

University of Arkansas Founders Hall

Network Building

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