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Central Arkansas Library Systems (CALS)


The Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) partnered with the Arkansas Energy Office in 2017 to implement an energy savings performance contract. CALS selected Entegrity to complete an audit of their 424,900 square feet of facilities and implement a tailored scope of work: LED lighting, water conservation measures, new HVAC equipment, and utility rate corrections. In addition to these measures, Entegrity provided field testing to determine the building envelope sealing and insulation status, a significant factor in energy expenses. The project, completed under budget, produced enough energy savings to pay for the original project as well as fund a 66kW solar array at the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library & Learning Center with the remaining capital. After two years of measurement & verification, the savings created for this initial project have exceeded the expected savings amount by more than $30,000.


After a successful initial project, CALS and Entegrity collaborated to design and construct a second, larger array. The 998-kW array will further offset energy consumption, create utility savings, and help the Library System accomplish its goals of operating sustainably and promoting green practices throughout the state. By tracking the sun throughout the day to produce maximum energy, the solar array will save CALS $36k annually. Taking into account this new array and the energy efficiency savings from Phase One, CALS will save a total of $5.8 million over the project’s lifetime. 

Director of Facilities and Operations Lance Ivy stated, “The decision to continue our project with Entegrity and produce more solar energy for CALS was an easy one. While the onsite array is perfect to increase our patrons’ access to an operating solar facility, this new array will offset the energy consumption of several CALS buildings and create serious savings for us to incorporate new initiatives.” 

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Little Rock, AR
Square Footage:
Annual Savings:
LED Lighting, Water Conservation, HVAC Upgrades, Utility Rate Corrections, Building Envelope Testing, Turnkey Solar

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