Entegrity’s team of sustainability experts can provide the road map to meet your financial and sustainability goals. With opportunities to increase building value, positively impact human health,  and improve building performance, your project certification solution is tailored to your specific goals.

Certified Strategies From Design To Occupancy

With nearly 350 sustainability projects to date, Entegrity is a nationally recognized leader in Sustainability Consulting for all types of projects from Fortune 100, warehouse/distribution to Class A office space, multi-family, schools, and airports. We provide prescriptive or performance-based sustainability certification options for single, prototyped, and volume facilities. Our goal is to identify sustainable strategies for new construction and existing building projects toward the goal of certification. We connect information across project teams to help ensure integrated design and operations leading to successful project outcomes.



Green building certification can generate tangible results for your facilities:

  • Faster lease-up rates
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Higher durability
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Tax rebates
  • Property value preservation
  • Positive press
  • Better company image
  • Collect data for ESG or CSR reporting
  • Meet corporate sustainability goals
  • Verification of performance
  • Attract top talent


Building certification programs provide building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building solutions. We can help you determine the most efficient path to certification with the greatest return on your investment. We can provide the following consulting services for any phase of a project:

  • Full management/administration
  • Feasibility studies
  • Certification budgeting and strategy development
  • Volume/prototype
  • Federal compliance
  • Eco-charettes
  • Team training
  • Site impact
  • Building modeling
  • Commissioning
  • Building Testing


While LEED is still the preeminent rating system in the industry, Entegrity has experience certifying projects with the following rating systems:

  • USGBC/GBCI’s LEED® (all rating systems and versions, including Volume, Neighborhood, etc.)
  • LEED Zero
  • Arc Skoru
  • ILBI’s Living Building Challenge, Petal, and Net Zero Energy
  • IWBI’s WELL Building Standard
  • Center for Active Design’s Fitwel
  • GBI’s Green Globes and Guiding Principles
  • Enterprise Green Communities
  • ENERGY STAR Certification
  • Parksmart

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Sustainability Education

Entegrity’s sustainability education program connects student learning with the operation of their school buildings. The program is customizable to meet measurable goals for sustainability marketing, youth and community engagement, interactive technologies, and long-term sustainability planning and performance.

ARC Performance Score

Arc is an online building assessment tool that encourages building owners to measure and improve performance while focusing on ongoing sustainability efforts.

Featured Case Study

ARC Scores - The Real Benefit

Arc is an online building assessment tool that encourages buildings to measure and improve performance, focusing on outcomes from ongoing sustainability efforts. It also provides performance verification through a streamlined and data-based pathway to sustainability certifications.

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