Existing Building Benchmarking



Arc is an online building assessment tool that encourages building owners to measure and improve performance while focusing on ongoing sustainability efforts. With performance verification, Arc benchmarks your building against standards such as your building’s historical performance, other buildings in your portfolio, and even local and global peers. At the end of the assessment, Arc provides a data-based pathway to sustainability certifications that is more streamlined and affordable than other methods.



  • Provides a clean, graphical display of your building’s performance for your lobby or website that can build occupant awareness and encourage action
  • Monitors electricity, steam, gas, oil, and water usage through digital management dashboards
  • Drives resource efficiency and cuts utility and waste expenses
  • Improves and maintains occupancy and rent rates
  • Contributes to occupant wellness and comfort by examining potential health risks and testing air quality
  • Reduces employee absenteeism and turnover by supporting productivity
  • Supports sustainability and climate action goals through reporting


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