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Save money while meeting the sustainability goals of your school. By focusing on cost-effective scope, creative contract structure, and innovative financing mechanisms, Entegrity is able to help Colleges & Universities meet institutional goals. Our comprehensive offering has allowed us to become the trusted partner for projects big and small at the Colleges & Universities throughout the region.

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Energy Efficiency Improvements - On & Off Campus

Finding operational savings from energy efficiency and renewable energy is an alternative method of meeting the institutional needs without raising tuition. By doing so, schools are able to improve their facilities, meet sustainability goals, and ultimately improve their ability to recruit students and faculty.

Entegrity has worked with Colleges & Universities throughout the country on new construction and existing facilities to reduce operational expenses and reach sustainability goals. Let us be the one stop shop to solve your campus needs.

Get started today with a preliminary assessment with our experts. We will collaborate with your team to leverage all of the tools available to put money back into your budget, meet sustainability goals, and improve your financial condition.

CASE STUDY: Northark Campus-Wide Upgrades

Entegrity’s final project scope with NAC included campus-wide upgrades to LED lighting, water conservation improvements, re-commissioning of HVAC equipment and systems, replacement of rooftop HVAC equipment, and replacement of the entire roof system at the north campus facility

Financing Facility Improvements

Entegrity offers an honest, cost-effective alternative to energy projects, combining improvements such as lighting, solar energy, water conservation, HVAC, and other improvements with unique financial mechanisms that allow the contract to remain BUDGET-NEUTRAL or CASH-FLOW POSITIVE.

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