Our Team

Entegrity believes the strength of a company lies in its people. Not in the prominence of its brand or the size of its footprint, but in the experiences that its people bring to work each day and how those experiences impact the clients, company, and community.


Michael Parker


Malleri Rhodes

Human Resources & Office Operations Manager

Elisabeth Bates

Business Development Associate

Elston Forte

Business Development Associate

Courtney Swindler

Director of Pre-Construction

Flint Richter

Business Development Manager - Solar

Jacob Straessle

Business Development Executive

Matthew Graham

Business Development Executive

Meredith Hendricks

Director of Sustainability Operations

Jacob Estes

Business Development Executive

Ryan Burrage

Business Development Executive

April Ambrose

Business Development Manager - Energy & Sustainability

Dr. Bill Wheeler

Business Development Associate

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About Entegrity

Entegrity is an energy services, sustainability, and solar development company specializing in the implementation of energy conservation and renewable energy projects.