Sustainability Education




At Entegrity, we aim to improve the learning environment of your school district and expand students’ horizons. We are proud to partner with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center Green Schools and provide a vetted path for schools to use their facilities as a teaching tool. Entegrity’s STEAM-based educational program aids in creating a culture of sustainability in your school and developing your Master Plan. We tailor a plan to your needs, allowing you to choose between services like marketing support, educational outcomes evaluations, and certification programs.

Entegrity’s sustainability education program connects student learning with the operation of their school buildings. The program is customizable to meet measurable goals for sustainability marketing, youth and community engagement, interactive technologies, and long-term sustainability planning and performance. We will help you build on existing accomplishments, create an exciting new vision with ongoing engagement, save resources, improve your learning environment, and maximize integrative learning opportunities. Utilizing your faculty, our Green Classroom Professionals, and certified lesson plans, the program can be integrated into current class syllabi, clubs, and building operations. Your customized sustainability master plan will connect students to their learning environment and a green career path.


  • Teacher Certification Program
  • STEAM Lesson Plans for Common Core or Next Generation Science
  • Hands-On Solar Teaching Tool
  • Web-Based Dashboard
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Building Learners Program
  • Best Practice Resources
  • Industry Professional Mentorship
  • Teaching partnership with Heifer International
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