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Arkansas Department of Corrections

The Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) is the state’s largest agency, with over 23 correctional facilities that consume approximately $13 million annually in energy and water. ADC is charged with managing one of the country’s fastest-growing inmate populations, presenting staff with the constant challenge of managing personnel, space, and energy as efficiently as possible.

In April of 2016, ADC elected to participate in the Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) program to accelerate energy conservation efforts across their facilities. After a competitive selection process, ADC selected Entegrity to design and implement a Phase 1 energy performance contract at the East Arkansas Regional Unit and Delta Regional Unit. Together, these prisons used more than twice the amount of energy and water typically seen in U.S. correctional facilities. This project introduced LED lighting upgrades, complete HVAC system upgrades, food waste composting, solar energy, water conservation, wastewater improvements, and a nationally recognized inmate energy education program. Combined, these measures are guaranteed to deliver over $1.2 million in annual savings to the agency.

We share Entegrity’s excitement about participating in the Arkansas Energy Performance Contracting program. Since 2008, staff have worked to improve our facilities, as well as implement policies and practices that have led to a reduction in our energy consumption and utility costs. The AEPC will continue our energy conservation efforts and position us to avoid an increasing financial burden and reduce maintenance costs.

- Wendy Kelley, ADC Director

Project Details

Pine Bluff, AR (headquarters)
Project Size:
Square Footage:
23 Facilities
Annual Savings:
Completion Date:
Tax-Exempt Bonds, State Revolving Loan Fund
Incentives & Grants:
$600,000+ utility incentives

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