Lyon College and Entegrity Partner for Campus Energy Efficiency

BATESVILLE, Arkansas — Lyon College and Entegrity Energy Partners signed two agreements representing an innovative partnership that is expected to generate approximately $2.5 million in energy cost savings for the Batesville campus over the life of the contracts.

The initiative is the next step in advancing the College’s sustainability goals by combining cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades to campus buildings and using lower-cost renewable energy to power the campus.

Through a solar services agreement, Lyon College will purchase renewable energy from Entegrity in the form of solar energy that will cover approximately 30 percent of the College’s electricity usage at a lower rate than the College is currently paying for electricity.

Through an energy-efficient lighting installation agreement, Entegrity will install energy-saving LED lighting in many of Lyon College’s campus buildings.

“Exhibiting their commitment to realizing the College’s sustainability objectives, the Lyon College Board and Administration have made a decision that will promote the College’s sustainability objectives campus-wide and benefit students, staff, and the environment for years to come,” added Business Development Executive Jacob Estes.  

The agreement also will enable Lyon College to explore other amenities such as solar-powered picnic tables that will allow students to power up their computers and other electronic devices without connecting to the grid. A group of faculty and staff interested in pursuing other sustainability initiatives will continue working with Entegrity to identify opportunities to educate the campus community about strategies individuals and institutions can use to support a healthy environment.  “Lyon College is dedicated to being a good steward of our environmental resources,” said Dr. Melissa Taverner, Lyon College President. “As the renewable energy sector continues to grow and develop in Arkansas, these agreements serve to re-confirm Lyon College’s commitment to supporting environmentally beneficial projects that also make sound financial sense.”

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