White Hall, Ark. – Stone Bank is moving away from traditional methods of energy consumption and towards a more sustainable solution to fuel its operations: solar energy. Representatives of the bank gathered with the community today at a “Flip the Switch” event, celebrating the interconnection of their 219-kW solar electric power generation plant.

Located at their White Hall branch, the solar array will produce $1.1 million in lifetime savings and offset 79% of usage at six locations in Mountain View, White Hall, Little Rock, Harrison, DeWitt, and Gillett, Arkansas. In addition to its physical presence in Arkansas, Stone Bank has a nationwide presence in government-guaranteed lending through the USDA, SBA, and FSA.

“I’m proud of Stone Bank’s history of innovative thinking and customer service. This solar array keeps our operating expenses lean, allowing us to access funds we can use to enhance our clients’ experience,” said Marnie Oldner, CEO of Stone Bank.

The bank’s solar array boasts a carbon offset equivalent to planting 3,969 trees or removing 52 cars from the road.

Entegrity Energy Partners, headquartered in Little Rock, oversaw the development and installation of this array, guaranteeing it is grandfathered under the Arkansas Renewable Energy Development Act. This, along with the array’s long lifespan, ensures Stone Bank’s array will generate energy savings for over 30 years, creating added value for Stone Bank’s customers.

“Entegrity is proud to work with a groundbreaker in Arkansas’ banking industry. Stone Bank is once again demonstrating leadership in the business community, showing other organizations it’s possible to embrace sustainable energy while creating added value for customers,” said Elisabeth Bates, Asset Development Manager for Entegrity.

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