Innerplan Office Interiors aims to Achieve Net-Zero Energy at North Little Rock Headquarters

Over the last 40 years, Innerplan Office Interiors has had a knack and passion for designing, selling, and installing more eco-efficient office spaces. They have provided furniture and design services to the entire state of Arkansas from their two showrooms based in North Little Rock and Fayetteville since 1979.

Innerplan and Entegrity executed an agreement expected to save the design company upwards of $406,000 over the life of the project. As a private business, Innerplan used the Federal Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation to fund the project. Innerplan is unique in that they are an Arkansas-based furniture company that owns their building so they could install a rooftop mounted solar array. This array is designed to offset 99.8% of the company’s electric consumption. “Innerplan works with multiple sustainable manufacturers, and it is really remarkable to see Tim and his team follow suit in doing their part,” said Jacob Estes, Business Development Executive at Entegrity.

With their previous replacement of all interior and exterior lighting from fluorescent to LED, reduction of paper waste by implementing new electronic software, and their installation of Haworth raised access floors to allow for more efficient HVAC systems, Innerplan is well on their way to becoming 100% Net-Zero. “Innerplan purposefully aligns ourselves with manufacturers that have the same goals and intentions we do,” Tim McMennamy, president ofInnerplan said. “And we will continue to take all measures we can to invest in research and development to make sure all existing and new construction interiors are designed as efficiently as they can be.”

Entegrity will install a 102.2 kW rooftop system designed to produce 152,200 kWh annually.

The Innerplan solar installations will produce a number of positive benefits, including:

  • Reducing the need to burn 118,573 pounds of coal
  • 13,723,932 number of cell phones charged
  • 12,109 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 267,026 miles worth of greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles

“Entegrity is honored to work with Innerplan. It’s exciting to work with a company that is investing in the future of the environment, as well as their business,” said Estes.

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