Rivercrest School District Saves Over $98k Annually with Solar Array

Wilson, Arkansas – Rivercrest School District has been key in the growth of the communities it serves, providing quality education to 1,220 students and employment for 125 teachers. Seeking to catalyze innovation in Northeast Arkansas, the District signed a Solar Services Agreement with Entegrity Energy Partners to build a 1.33 MW DC solar array on land adjacent to the campus. This new solar array will allow the school to save over $98,000 a year on utility and energy costs, totaling more than $3 million in lifetime savings.  

Rivercrest Superintendent Mike Cox stated, “We want Rivercrest School District to continue to be an institution that provides the best environment for students to learn and grow. The District’s array will create significant savings to allocate towards this endeavor and give students the chance to see solar production in action and learn about the renewable energy sector.” 

Since the start of this project, Rivercrest School District has also contracted Entegrity to implement lighting upgrades to the Elementary School, adding further energy efficiency and savings.  

“We love seeing schools like Rivercrest School District achieve a more energy-efficient campus that will make a difference in the durability of their facilities and the experience of their students and faculty,” added Jacob Estes, Business Development Executive for Entegrity. 

School administrators and students gather to “Flip the Switch”
Rivercrest School District solar array
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