Stone Bank is Going Solar and Saving Big

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS – Stone Bank has distinguished itself as one of the first banks in Arkansas to implement a solar electric power generation plant. Upon the recent signing of a contract with Entegrity Energy Partners to build a 219-kW solar array, Stone Bank is set to secure more than $1.1 million in lifetime savings.

Property adjacent to Stone Bank’s White Hall branch is the future home of the array that will produce enough solar energy to cover approximately 79% of the bank’s electricity usage at five of its branches located in White Hall, Mountain View, Harrison, DeWitt, and Gillett. Once complete, the project will offset the carbon equivalent of planting 3,969 trees, removing 52 cars from the road, or powering 44 homes for one year.

Kirby Williams, Executive Vice President of Stone Bank, said “One of our guiding principles is to ‘Do Right’ by our shareholders, customers, and associates.  We feel that this project benefits all of these publics.”

“Stone Bank is proving that it pays to think sustainably. This solar initiative will allow the bank to hedge against inflation while reducing their carbon footprint and cementing their role as community leaders,” said Elisabeth Bates, Business Development Associate at Entegrity.

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