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Batesville School District

Batesville School District hired Entegrity in October of 2017 to conduct a district-wide energy investigation of the six schools in operation. The investigation revealed opportunities to reduce energy waste in many areas: inefficient interior and exterior lighting, manual thermostats, single-pane windows, dated HVAC equipment, and high-flow water fixtures. Entegrity added another recommendation to install a canopy solar energy facility at the district’s high school campus. The financial impact of these measures, when bundled together in a single project, was significant: over 40% reduction in electricity energy costs district wide and over $1.8 million in lifetime savings to the district. Additional benefits such as enhanced building aesthetics, as well as the opportunity to integrate the project into student learning on campus, made the decision a true no-brainer. The District also partnered with Entegrity to install a solar array near the school that would further increase reduction in electric energy costs.

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