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The American Red Cross hired Entegrity to assess the existing lighting at over forty-two Red Cross sites nationwide. Our team started this process by surveying the facilities and compiling a comprehensive scope of work that details existing lighting technology room-by-room. The audit data and factors like operating hours, existing control measures, and utility rates are then used to identify lighting energy conservation opportunities and calculate energy savings. To finish their tailored quote, our team checked for LED lighting incentives offered by the local utilities and applied them.  

After the initial assessments, Red Cross chose to implement lighting upgrades at nine locations. The installed lighting solutions resulted in over $230,000 in savings and a carbon reduction of more than 4 million pounds. 


From the nationwide locations to the pandemic, this project presented unique challenges throughout audits and implementation. We implemented strategies to keep the process running smoothly: 

  • Streamlined audit coordination for over 100 locations in more than 30 states 
  • Organized installation with local and regional managers with weekly operation meetings and location-specific instructions on how to store material after procurement and shipping 
  • Developed travel routes to lower costs and maintain the project schedule 
  • Proposed simplified bidding methods for Red Cross with concise, competitive pricing across all locations 
  • Researched each local utility company internally and analyzed utility bills to discern lighting incentives per facility 
  • Ensured all state-specific COVID-19 protocols were followed, such as using drop cloths to cover the installation areas and mandating masks for our crews 

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