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Hope Public Schools

Hope Public Schools (HPS) entered an Energy Service Performance Contract with Entegrity Partners, which included auditing its facilities and implementing a specific scope of work based on the audit results. The full scope of work combined LED lighting, water conservation, HVAC system upgrades, and solar. Located across from the Clinton Primary School, the 1.13 MW-DC array is guaranteed to produce savings of over $200,000 annually.

This project is just one of many recent advancements by HPS to cultivate the district’s long-term vision of a “cradle to career” education approach. To further drive home learning for students, Entegrity’s sustainability experts are incorporating education components for fifth and sixth graders at HPS, covering the science behind solar energy. One resource available to HPS teachers is solar suitcases: self-contained packages allowing students to safely experiment with a working solar panel to power components like fans, phone chargers, or light bulbs.

Dr. Jonathan Crossley, Hope Public Schools Superintendent, stated, “We’re innovating the public education experience to prepare students for employment and success after graduation. As the renewable energy sector continues to grow and provide cutting-edge opportunities in Arkansas, Hope students will expand their energy knowledge and see solar first-hand at their campus.”

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Hope, AR
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Annual Savings:
LED lighting, water conservation, HVAC system upgrades, and solar

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