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Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District

In the summer of 2018, the school districts of Winona and Montgomery were consolidated to form a district of nearly 1,300 students. Following consolidation, the District set out on a mission to better efficiency and control operational spending.  

Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District (WMCSD) considered several possibilities to address their growing list of facility needs. After evaluating qualifications, WMCSD selected Entegrity to utilize the state’s performance contracting laws with a comprehensive project. In the months that followed, WMCSD staff and Entegrity’s engineers collaborated to perform a thorough audit of the facilities and evaluate costs and savings of potential upgrades. The project’s final scope included LED lighting, water conservation, roof repairs, new windows, and a full HVAC change-out for historic Winona Secondary School. The low-cost LED lighting and water conservation solutions created significant savings for the District.  

The District focused on the building envelope at Winona Secondary School to fix operational issues from the outdated windows, including heat/cooling loss and water infiltration, as well as preserve the original structure. New aluminum storefront windows created a tighter envelope and dramatically improved the aesthetics of the historic building. This update, combined with the new HVAC system, significantly reduced heating and cooling costs. 

Through their partnership with Entegrity, the District was able to make over $2 million in upgrades in a budget-neutral fashion with a guaranteed annual cost savings of $118,758. 

Project Details

Winona, MS
Annual Savings:
HVAC Upgrades, LED Lighting, Water Conservation, Roof Repair, Window Replacement

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